September 3, 2012

so very white...

Addendum: Digging back through my incomplete records, I believe these are F3 (or F4) from seeds obtained in circa 2003 from a plant shared via the National Capital Area Chapter (probably by John B.). All the flowers I've seen from this line up until these few have been pale pink/lavender. However, it seems pale/almost-white flowers are not that unusual, and Kartuz lists S. muscicola with a mostly-white flower and the description: "White flowers flushed light purple."

~ ~ ~

Three of my Sinningia muscicola (formerly known as sp. 'Rio das Pedras') are blooming with the whitest flowers I've ever seen on this species.  By the time I grabbed a camera the flowers had fallen, so here they are lying on the foliage.

odd blooming muscicola

odd blooming muscicola

These are seed grown, either from seed from my plants or from plants open-pollinated in a greenhouse.  I don't have any of the other plants from that round of seed-sowing so I can't compare with their siblings. So what do I have here?  Species or hybrid?