August 23, 2012

Southport Flower Show (UK)

I am pleased to share with you some photographs from the Southport Flower Show which took place on August 16-19, 2012, in Southport (inbetween Blackpool and Liverpool) in the U.K. These were taken by Kevin Pratt and posted on Twitter - he agreed to let me share them here as well.  The award indications are apparently for the amateur category.  (These results are online and it's quite interesting that there are categories for Pelargoniums, Orchids, Fuchsias, etc., and the gesneriads fall into the "Plants" category.)

Mitraria coccinea, first prize:
 Petrocosmea begonifolia, second prize:

 Sinningia (speciosa?), first prize:
 Sinningia speciosa, second prize:
 Sinningia 'Royal Purple', third prize:
Another Sinningia speciosa:
Smithiantha 'Little One' in Dibley's display:
Streptocarpus ('Falling Stars'?), first prize:
Another Streptocarpus:
Streptocarpus 'Francesca', second prize:
Streptocarpus 'Pink Lady', third prize: