July 27, 2012

Nine weeks until the Mid Atlantic Regional Show

After posting at the 10 week mark, I finally started focusing on what I might have to show. The Streptocarpus I had as a candidate is pretty much out of the running:


So, I started to think out loud. On Twitter. It went something like this:

Me: How long for Kohlerias from sprout to full bloom? Should I even bother for Sept 29 target date?

Peter Shalit: +/-12 weeks, depending on rhizome size, variety, growing conditions. With the right variety it might work but that’s cutting it awfully close.

Me: Thanks! We might be getting desperate.... I might try one on the balcony - Sunshine bloomed @ 6" tall last year. Of course the weather is a bit whacked this summer..... Sinningia 'Tampa Bay Beauty' (F??) went out a week ago - it loves the heat. There's only room for a few more. Got a few gesneriads to grow for show on the balc, but not hopeful they will survive wind & pests. Might make an "educational" exhibit LOL

Ken Moore: leaf spots and stuff are okay, right? I have a nice reitzii (it lost its main growth during a storm, but the side shoot is awesome)

Me: Leaf damage would be points off.

Ken Moore: LoL I know. But that's probably the best I'll be able to offer. :-/

Me: Yeah, really. Kohleria was so beat up, it didn't make the show last year. Episcia did better... but then the Episcia got cold damage a few days b4 the show. Maybe the 2 wk earlier date this year will be good.... 

Everything on the balcony already has ragged leaves, so unless I grow them inside a windbreaker (!?), they are not going to be show-worthy. That means I’m back to the light shelves, and will be taking a long hard look at them this weekend. Most of the space is taken up with propagation and non-gesneriads, so this is going to be tough.

What are you growing for the show?