February 11, 2012

Sinningia Show-n-Tell

by Kenneth Moore

At our recent NCAC meeting, this beautiful Sinningia hybrid was brought in for the show and tell portion of the program. It's S. leucotricha 'Max Dekking' crossed with S. bullata.

S. leucotricha and S. bullata are hairy, tuberous Sinningia, and they impart those traits onto their hybrid baby. S. bullata gives the leaves a crinkly appearance, although not as crinkly as its parent, as well as the flower shape and floriferousness--S. leucotricha doesn't bloom as much as this hybrid! Although the plant's flower shape is more reminiscent of S. bullata, the spotting on the petals comes from its other parent, S. leucotricha.

Here, you can see the fuzzy (extremely soft!) hairs on the stem and undersides of the leaves, as well as the crinkling on top of the leaves and the tubular flower shape.

The spots on this flower's petals heralds back to its S. leucotricha parentage.

This is a beautiful cross, and wonderfully grown by NCAC member Joyce from a seedling on our raffle tables two years ago.