August 4, 2011

terrarium by Mel Grice, and various landscapes

This was my favorite terrarium at The Gesneriad Society's 2011 Convention, and entry by Mel Grice, who you might recognize as the editor of Gleanings.  You will have to imagine viewing it from the center because the photograph is somewhat limiting. See the goldfish? (Ok, it's a Columnea flower, but it looked like a goldfish for a second.) Very whimsical - although I don't know if Mel intended it.

Entry 111 by Mel Grice
Plant material: Columnea 'Red King', Aeschynanthus sp., Kohleria hybrid, variegated Saintpaulia, Nematanthus australis, Drymonia chiribogana, Columnea 'Orange Fire', Tillandsia (not gesneriaceae)

Here are a few landscape entries from the Convention:

more tray landscapes

tray landscapes