August 10, 2011

more Sinningia from the Convention

On the far left, Sinningia carangolensis exhibited by Judy Becker, and in the fore, Sinningia guttata exhibited by Ben Paternoster:

Sinningia guttata et al

Sinningia eumorpha
exhibited by Charlene Marietti:

Sinningia eumorpha

The Sinningia in Class 5B, with Betsy Sherwin's Sinningia 'Orange Raindrops' in the front center:

Sinningia in Class 5B

Sinningia 'Orange Cardinal' exhibited by Nancy Carr:

Sinningia 'Spring Cardinal'

Sinningia 'Apricot Bouquet' exhibited by Ben Paternoster:

Sinningia 'Apricot Bouquet'

Sinningia 'Luscious' exhibited by Wallace Wells:

Sinningia 'Luscious'

Sinningia 'Spellbound' exhibited by Gail Gray:

Sinningia 'Spellbound'

Sinningia 'Kaleidscope' x self exhibited by Elizabeth Gottshall:

Sinningia 'Kaleidscope' x self