August 31, 2011

Arrangements from the Convention

More Division II entries from the Convention.  Thanks again to Jim Roberts for the photographs and caption information.

Waterworks by Julie Thompson (blue ribbon, 92 points):

Punxsutawney Phil by Ben Paternoster (blue ribbon, 98 points):

Philadelphia Museum of Art by Neale Stuart-Merrimen (blue ribbon, 90 points):

Mummers by Mel Grice (blue ribbon, 93 points, Best in Section K):

Love Park by Neale Stuart-Merriman (blue ribbon, 95 points):

Challenge Class, Bartram's Garden, by Jill Fischer (blue ribbon, 96 points, Best in Section L):

Boathouse Row by Neale Stuart-Merriman (blue ribbon, 93 points):

Academy of Natural Sciences by Bob Clark (96 points, Best in Section M):

Chinatown by Barbara Festenstein (blue ribbon, 94 points):

Ben Franklin by Barbara Festenstein (blue ribbon, 91 points):