April 24, 2011

growing gesneriads outdoors this year?

It's almost/just past our last frost date here in the Washington, DC, area (the date varies by about a month depending on who you ask) - how is your spring gardening coming along?  Any gesneriads slated for the garden this year?

There are several good candidates for growing as perennials, as well as many warmer-growing gesneriads that like being outside during the summer. Looking for some reading?  Check out the June 2010 issue (PDF) of the Delaware African Violet and Gesneriad Society.

One of my new additions this year is Sinningia 'Butter and Cream'*, just arrived from Plant Delights Nursery**. I have an irrational soft spot for tubers breaking out of their pots***, so was delighted with this one:

Sinningia 'Butter and Cream'

* Sinningia 'Butter and Cream' is (Sinningia aggregata x Sinningia tubiflora), a David Zaitlin hybrid.
** I love them for offering a selection of Arisaema and Asarum too.
*** Just for the record, not all of the Sinningia in this order were potbreakers, but all have nice sized tubers.