March 4, 2011

plant photography by Stephen Buchan

Ah, yes, it's Friday.  Already almost a week since our mini-mini photowalk at the US Botanic Garden, which, by the way, I thought was a perfect-sized group for a photo-focused visit.  I hope all the participants got something out of it.

A quick reminder to you and me to pick up and put down those young gesneriad seedlings - remember that most will grow faster if you do this about every two weeks.

And without further ado, on to the main point of this post.  Today, I am sending you off to see some gorgeous and educational photographs of plants (and fungi) by Stephen Buchan of Scotland. No, they're not gesneriads.  Some aren't even plants.  Yes, there are lots of mosses and lichen and things like that. There's even an album of winter twigs. I hope you enjoy :)

Like I said, gorgeous - and educational too.  At least, I think so.  What makes them so good?  Is it the gear, the photographer, the "models", the lighting, the composition, the underlying knowledge of the plants?  Food for thought in advance of our April meeting, which will be about photographing gesneriads.