March 23, 2011

better African Violet care

One of the side effects of being in a plant club is the frequent nudging to grow plants better.  (And to grow more plants.  And more different plants.... ) And so it was that after our last meeting, my few African Violets got a bit of attention. 

I repotted these one from their square pots to round pots, to encourage more even leaf growth.

20110312 square av

[Why do I have square pots anyway?  I like to start seeds and cuttings in square pots, because they can be neatly crammed into a rectangle until the foliage grows over the rim.]

I also decided to grow this one better:

20110311 slanted av

It had been growing under some other plants and consequently developed a slant and a neck.  I had intended to let it keep growing this way, but how could I do that after a meeting on growing for show?  Off came some of the root zone, and it's now re-rooting with the main stem centered in the pot.

[By the way, those yellow things on the left are chopsticks used to handle seedlings - they are Japanese style with the pointy tips.]

Many thanks to Diane Richardson - President of the Baltimore African Violet Club and past-President of MAAVS - for coming to our meeting and giving a wonderfully entertaining and informative presentation.