February 13, 2011

In memoriam: Nell Hennessy

This Chapter will never be the same. Nell is gone. This may seem like an exaggeration but no one will deny it. She has been an integral part of our Chapter for decades. She would be the first to admit she wasn’t a grower but she was an important part of everything we did. Always friendly, she greeted visitors and made them feel we couldn’t go on without them. There was no job too big or small for her to take it on. We want coffee—she does it. We need to run a convention—done. Any problem—she would find the solution. At one show an exhibitor canceled a flower arrangement at the last minute and the niches were already placed. She denied having any talent but put a design together with materials she gleaned from others and won best in show. She didn’t do any of this for her own glory, she just did the work to get it done. It will be strange to run a show without her at the helm. She both wrote the schedule and ran the show. We have to make our own way now. Her calm and capable presence will be sorely missed.

-Laurene Jones