October 15, 2009

Class 46B - collection of single genus

SECTION H - Collections of Gesneriads - A grouping of 3 to 5 different plants in flower or grown for ornamental qualities, or in combination (Saintpaulias must be in flower). Exhibitor must provide a white card (not to exceed 8-1/2"◊11") with identification of plants. In Class 46, exhibitor is encouraged to reflect variety as this is a consideration in judging. In Class 47, exhibitor must provide educational information on the card.
Class 46B Plants of a single genus, either species, cultivars or hybrids

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Entry No. 157, Chirita Collection, exhibited by Beverly Williams.  Score: 92. First Place.
Entry No. 260, Sinningia Collection, exhibited by Karyn Cichocki.  Score: 87. Second Place.
Entry No. 395, Chirita Collection, exhibited by Richard G. Carr.  Score: 84. Third Place.
Entry No. 380, Episcia Collection, exhibited by Richard G. Carr.  Score: 81.