October 6, 2009

Class 35 - Episcia (no flowers)

SECTION E - Gesneriads Grown for Ornamental Qualities Other Than Flowers - Decorative fruit and calyces are permitted, but no flowers or buds showing color. A plant should have some special quality of color, texture or growth habit to be entered in this section.
Class 35 Episcia with pink-and-white leaf variegation

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Entry No. 318, Episcia 'Pink Dreams', exhibited by Jill Fischer.  Score: 93. First Place.
Entry No. 435, Episcia 'Pink Smoke', exhibited by Charlene Marietti.  Score: 89. Second Place.
Entry No. 317, Episcia 'Pink Smoke', exhibited by Jill Fischer.  Score: 88. Third Place.
Entry No. 118, Episcia 'Pink Dreams', exhibited by Carol Hamelink.  Score: 87.
Entry No. 357, Episcia 'Cleopatra', exhibited by Stephen Maciejewski.  Score: 85.