September 15, 2009

Class 5 - upright flowering tuberous Sinningia hybrids

SECTION A - New World Gesneriads in Flower - Tuberous
Class 5 Other Sinningia hybrids with upright growth pattern

In this class is one of my personal favorites from the show, Sinningia 'Tomorrow', a Peter Shalit creation.  The upright flowers are very human-pollinator-friendly ;-)  (I don't know if it is fertile...?)

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Entry No. 155, Sinningia 'Deep Purple Dreamin', exhibited by Beverly Williams.  Score: 93. First Place.
Entry No. 235, Sinningia 'Gabriel's Horn sport', exhibited by Tim Tuttle.  Score: 92. Second Place.
Entry No. 164, Sinningia 'Tomorrow', exhibited by Peter Shalit.  Score: 91. Third Place.
Entry No. 341, Sinningia eumorpha x  'Sultan', exhibited by Sylvia Taub.  Score: 90. Honorable Mention.
Entry No. 304, Sinningia florianopolis x (leopoldii x self), exhibited by Paul Kroll.  Score: 86. 
Entry No. 343, Sinningia 'California Sunset', exhibited by Sylvia Taub.  Score: 81.
Entry No. 342, Sinningia 'Gabriel's Horn', exhibited by Sylvia Taub.  Score: 70.