September 29, 2009

Class 31B - flowering Streptocarpus hybrids

SECTION D - Old World Gesneriads in Flower
Class 31B Streptocarpus, subgenus Streptocarpus, hybrids

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Entry No. 138, Streptocarpus 'Summer Parfait', exhibited by Carol Hamelink.  Score: 92. First Place.
Entry No. 188, Streptocarpus 'Crystal Charm', exhibited by Gail Gray.  Score: 86. Second Place.
Entry No. 372, Streptocarpus 'Night Beacon', exhibited by Richard G. Carr.  Score: 85. Third Place.
Entry No. 447, Streptocarpus 'Crystal Charm', exhibited by Paul Lee.  Score: 84. 
Entry No. 374, Streptocarpus 'Midnight Blue', exhibited by Richard G. Carr.  Score: 75.