September 7, 2009

Class 25 - flowering miniature Saintpaulia hybrids/cultivars

SECTION D - Old World Gesneriads in Flower
Class 25 Saintpaulia hybrids or cultivars classified as miniatures (max of 6" diameter)

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Entry No. 291, Saintpaulia 'Rob's Twinkle Pink', exhibited by Carolyn Conlin-Lane. Score: 96. First Place.
Entry No. 294, Saintpaulia 'Skagit Lil Filly', exhibited by Carolyn Conlin-Lane. Score: 95. Second Place.
Entry No. 362, Saintpaulia 'Honey Blue Ace', exhibited by Bob Clark. Score: 94. Third Place.
Entry No. 225, Saintpaulia 'Kentucky Baby Bells', exhibited by Jay Sespico. Score: 89.