September 12, 2009

Class 24 - flowering Saintpaulia species

SECTION D - Old World Gesneriads in Flower
Class 24 Saintpaulia species

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Entry No. 257, Saintpaulia ionantha ssp. grotei 'Silvert', exhibited by Karyn Cichocki. Score: 96. First Place.
Entry No. 412, Saintpaulia shumensis cl shumensis Mather EE, exhibited by Nancy Carr. Score: 93. Second Place.
Entry No. 104, Saintpaulia orbicularis 'purpurea', exhibited by Bev Promersberger. Score: 85. Third Place.
Entry No. 486, Saintpaulia ionantha ssp. grotei, exhibited by Mary S. Schaeffer. Score: 84. Honorable Mention.