July 6, 2009

Reflections on my first Convention

by Karin F. 

The convention is over and I really enjoyed the part I was able to attend.

Buying plants Friday morning early-8:30am-found us looking at a lot of tables full of plants with each one labelled as to what kinds of gesneriads were on the table.  That made it easy to decide where to go first!!  Also very easy to pick up lots of plants!  My box was full before I realized it, grr-can't get more, no space at home...  Well, checkout was fast and easy.  But it was still too early for the show to be seen.  The judges were still judging and would be for a couple more hours. So we went to the Silent Auction and bid on a couple of items.  They were laid out so nicely it was easy to spot something interesting.  But the judging was still continuing so that was it for Friday.

Saturday morning found me back in Silver Spring (I live in Springfield, VA) ready to checkout the Silent Auction and help with the sales room.  Carol showed me what to do to total the plants that people bought. Usually two of us worked together.  When it got very slow towards the end of the morning, I was released to see the show and check on the Auction.  The plants in the show were amazing!! Beautiful big flowers of many genera that I had not seen in flower before.  Plants, photos, designs were in every corner and table.  Maybe I should try this idea, or that one or one of the too many to count in every direction.

Since I had not been sure I would be able to go, I did not sign up for any meals or extras.  After the regular Auction was over, I was told that my name had been called as a winner in the silent auction!! Some nice person told them that I was around. I followed the crowd and was able to pay for pick up my two items-a box of Russian Streps for my friend and a set of 3 T-shirts for me!!

I consider this convention a very good event especially as it was my first Gesneriad convention.  I met a lot of people who were friendly and talkative from all over the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world.

A big thank you to all who put this event together. I know it took months, probably years and many many people.  It was a big success!!

--Karin F.