July 14, 2009

Classes 10 and 11 - flowering Seemannia and Smithiantha

Classes 10 and 11 had only one entry each, so I combined them into one post. (For the most part, I am giving each Class its own photo set even though the resulting slideshows are shorter than I'd want. The Show was judged by Class, so it makes the most sense.)

Click through for photos of both classes. (Go straight to the slideshow.) And apologies now for not-so-great photos of these.

SECTION B - New World Gesneriads in Flower - Rhizomatous
Class 10 Seemannia and its intergeneric hybrids

Entry No. 148, Seemannia nematanthodes 'Evita', exhibited by John Boggan. Score: 85. Second Place.

This is being offered commercially as hardy to zone 7b (probably with good drainage) for part sun to light shade. Reportedly good in full sun in the DC area.

SECTION B - New World Gesneriads in Flower - Rhizomatous
Class 11 Smithiantha

Entry No. 222, Smithiantha 'Nocturne', exhibited by Jay Sespico. Score: 76. Third Place.

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