July 20, 2009

Class 54 "Cherry Blossom Parade" arrangements

SECTION K - Arrangements of Fresh Cut and/or Growing Gesneriad Material
Class 54 "Cherry Blossom Parade" - Using blossoms, buds and calyces only, interpret this herald of Spring in Washington. No foliage, but other line material permitted. Niche size: 8"H ◊ 8"W ◊ 8"D.

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Entry No. 498, Cherry Blossom Parade, exhibited by Paul Kroll. Score: 94. First Place.
Entry No. 263, Cherry Blossom Parade, exhibited by Karyn Cichocki. Score: 84. Second Place.
Entry No. 419, Cherry Blossom Parade, exhibited by Olive Ma Robinson. Score: 79. Third Place.

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