July 14, 2009

Class 4B - rosette flowering tuberous Sinningia hybrids

SECTION A - New World Gesneriads in Flower - Tuberous
Class 4B - Other Sinningia hybrids with rosette growth pattern

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These are small ones:

Entry No. 158, Sinningia 'Ozark Red Lightning', exhibited by Doris Brownlie. Score: 93. First Place.
Entry No. 237, Sinningia 'Heartland's Double Dilly', exhibited by Tim Tuttle. Score: 90. Second Place.
Entry No. 432, Sinningia 'Ozark Rosy Cheeks', exhibited by Charlene Marietti. Score: 88. Third Place.
Entry No. 507, Sinningia hybrid, exhibited by Carolyn Conlin-Lane. Score: 84.
Entry No. 414, Sinningia 'Super Orange', exhibited by Nancy Carr. Score: 82.

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