July 30, 2009

Class 42B - new flowering hybrids/cultivars

SECTION F - New Gesneriads - This SECTION is for introductions made within the last 5 years, but not previously entered in this SECTION of The Gesneriad Society Convention Show. Exhibitor must provide a white card (not to exceed 8-1/2"◊11") giving educational information such as name of hybridizer, collector, place of origin, special cultural requirements.

Class 42B Hybrids or named cultivars in flower

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Entry No. 238, Sinningia 'Matt Hudson', exhibited by Tim Tuttle. Score: 94. First Place.
Entry No. 239, Sinningia 'Kevin Garnett', exhibited by Tim Tuttle. Score: 91. Second Place.
Entry No. 165, Sinningia eumorpha 'Saltao' x S. piresiana, exhibited by Peter Shalit. Score: 85. Third Place.
Entry No. 438, Sinningia 'Pristine', exhibited by Charlene Marietti. Score: 83. Honorable Mention.
Entry No. 437, Sinningia 'Kristine', exhibited by Charlene Marietti. Score: 78.

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