July 29, 2009

Class 42A - new flowering hybrids/cultivars

SECTION F - New Gesneriads - This SECTION is for introductions made within the last 5 years, but not previously entered in this SECTION of The Gesneriad Society Convention Show. Exhibitor must provide a white card (not to exceed 8-1/2"◊11") giving educational information such as name of hybridizer, collector, place of origin, special cultural requirements.

Class 42 was divided into three.

Class 42A Hybrids or named cultivars in flower. Click through for photos.

Entry No. 149, Kohleria 'Rattlesnake', exhibited by John Boggan. Score: 90. First Place. John Boggan's hybrid - 'Snakeskin' x unnamed sibling of 'Pink Shadows'.
Entry No. 227, Kohleria 'Florida Freckles', exhibited by Jay Sespico. Score: 80. Second Place. Thad Scaggs' hybrid - 'Hartlands Blackberry Butterflies' x 'Peridots Kitlope.'