July 10, 2009

Class 39 - other hybrids grown not for flowers

Class 39 - Other Gesneriad Hybrids, in SECTION E - Gesneriads Grown for Ornamental Qualities Other Than Flowers - Decorative fruit and calyces are permitted, but no flowers or buds showing color. A plant should have some special quality of color, texture or growth habit to be entered in this section.

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There were three entries in this class:

Entry No. 245, Columnea 'Frosty Hills', exhibited by Nancy Kast. Score: 93. First Place.
Entry No. 359, Smithiantha hybrid, exhibited by Stephen Maciejewski. Score: 84. Second Place.
Entry No. 285, Kohleria 'Silver Feather', exhibited by Paul Susi. Score: 78. Third Place.

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