July 12, 2009

Class 21A - flowering Chirita species

SECTION D - Old World Gesneriads in Flower
Class 21A Chirita species

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Entry No. 475, Chirita dielsii, exhibited by Bill Price. Score: 95. First Place.
Entry No. 252, Chirita subrhomboidea, exhibited by Nancy Kast. Score: 91. Second Place.
Entry No. 102, Chirita heterotricha 'Chastity', exhibited by Bev Promersberger. Score: 87. Third Place.
Entry No. 254, Chirita spadiciformis, exhibited by Nancy Kast. Score: 85. Honorable Mention.
Entry No. 101, Chirita sp. USBRG 98-083, exhibited by Bev Promersberger. Score: 83.
Entry No. 344, Chirita gemella, exhibited by Sylvia Taub. Score: not scored.

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