July 26, 2009

Class 19 - other flowering fibrous-rooted New World

SECTION C - New World Gesneriads in Flower - Fibrous-Rooted
Class 19 Other fibrous-rooted gesneriads

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Entry No. 506, Rufodorsia minor, exhibited by Nancy Kast. Score: 83. Second Place.
Entry No. 429, Paradrymonia ciliosa, exhibited by Olive Ma Robinson. Score: 77. Third Place.

Rufodorsia minor, native to Costa Rica, Panama (per the Checklist). For a photo of seed pod, see the Fruits and Seeds section of Prof. Dr. Anton Weber's article available on the The Gesneriad Reference Web.

Paradrymonia ciliosa, native to Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru Suriname, Venezuela (per the Checklist).

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