June 28, 2009

Hybridizers Meeting Wednesday 8:30 pm

Did you know that the Gesneriad Hybridizers Association's newsletter earlier this year featured an article by Tim Tuttle (who will be speaking at the Convention) on hybridizing Petrocosmea? Did you know that the seed list was some 350+ long? (I think 376, but I may be off by a few dozen!) Membership in the GHA is only $8/year.

While sifting through my shelves recently, I found quite a few Sinningia hybrid seedlings from GHA seed, including the one pictured here, which I believe is Patrick Duffy's PD 05-09, Sinningia (leucotricha x sp Doris F3 (Jon Dixon)).

GHA will be meeting during the Convention, and the meeting is open to anyone. Wednesday evening, 8:30 - 10:00. The featured topic is hybridizing for smaller Streptocarpus, and ... there will be a raffle too!