June 25, 2009

Dr. Marisol Amaya-Marquez, Dr. Alain Chautems and Dr. Silvana Martens-Rodriguez

by Larry Skog

The awardee of a 2009 Gesneriad Society Elvin McDonald Research Endowment Fund grant is in DC now working with me at the Smithsonian on her research on Columnea. Dr. Marisol Amaya-Marquez will be attending the convention next week, and I hope that local chapter members and convention attendees will have a chance to meet her. She is from the National University of Colombia in Bogotá.

Another visitor, Dr. Alain Chautems from the botanical garden in Geneva, Switzerland will arrive for the convention this weekend and undertake some research at the Smithsonian on Monday and Tuesday next week. He is a specialist in Sinningia and relatives, as well as Nematanthus and Codonanthe. He has done a lot of work in Brazil with the convention speaker, Mauro Peixoto.

Another convention speaker, Dr. Silvana Martens-Rodriguez, has arrived back this week from her field work in the Caribbean. She said she saw a few more gesneriads on her latest trip to the Dominican Republic, and will be speaking on pollinators of gesneriads in the Caribbean.

Larry Skog